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Design Guidelines for Shared Micromobility in Town and City Tourist Destinations




Yang, YuehTzu

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


Tourism that grows the regional economy relies on an adequate transportation system. Tourists usually visit multiple spots within a destination. Those who take public transit have less flexibility due to fixed routes and time schedules. On the other hand, driving personal or rental cars comes with traffic and parking problems and higher expenses. These hassles lower the tourist experience. Moreover, heavy use of vehicles negatively impacts the environment and the locals. Thus, there is a need to develop solutions that address the problem of transportation in tourist destinations. Shared micromobility seems a good solution, decreasing car use and pollution and enabling people to move easily. But shared micromobility programs could easily fail with inappropriate decision-making and service/product design. As a result, this study aims to formulate design guidelines for shared micromobility programs in city and town destinations. The study proposes the design flow and the recommendation checklist using the findings from the literature review, case studies, and survey research, helping organizations and government authorities develop tourism-focused shared micromobility programs that promote local tourism, tourist experience, and environmental benefits.