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Designing cooperative and shared living for households that include both people with and without visual impairments




Wang, Shensi

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


From the 20st century, organizations have been established for helping people with visual impairments. However, people with sight who are living with people who are visually impaired haven’t gotten much attention and appropriate training about how to deal with the new living situations. Studies show that people both with and without sight go through a series of physical and psychological difficulties. The strategies that people with visual impairment use can also cause problems for people with sight. A guideline to promote understanding between people with visual impairment and people with sight is proposed in this paper to help industrial designers who are often working with individualized users to provide customized solutions, which can promote the interaction, communication, and understanding between both groups. The usage of this guideline has been illustrated by the example design implementations.