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Innovative Multi-Channel Shopping Experience Design Guidelines for a Society That is Aging




Yuan, Ye

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


The emergence of economic globalization has brought many opportunities and challenges to the retail industry. The improvement of people’s living standards has increased enormous demands toward consumption. To draw the consumer’s attention, the retailers use various science and technologies to improve customer’s shopping efficiency and experience. The retail industry is in the stage of rapid changes and developments. There is still a long way to go. Simultaneously, the aging population is growing, and their demands expand, bringing new consumption power to the market. Depending on the different age ranges, the older generation’s physiological characteristic and needs are different. The people who are younger than sixty years old are more accepting of the modern shopping method, and others are more familiar with the brick-and-motor store. The older adults make up a large proportion of society, but this consumption group is often neglected. Many retailers in the market have not considered incorporating the shopping service with the senior citizen’s needs. Brick-and-motor stores are the main retail channel for older generations, while online shopping channels with less time and place limitations are widely used nowadays. The combination of multichannel retail and the diversified use of shopping methods can bring more convenient service and business opportunities for older consumers and retailers. Therefore, this thesis studies the needs and shopping habits of shoppers ages sixty and over and tries to provide retailers with suggestions on designing suitable shopping experiences for older customers—combining emerging and traditional shopping channels to meet the consumption needs of the population who are aging in the changeable living environment. This research expects to help retailers and designers understand the physiological and psychological characteristics of older customers. It provides them with in-store and online shopping design recommendations and an approach to creating a pleasant multi-channel shopping experience for the older shopping group.