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Sexual Assault and Links to Sense of Control and Economic and Marital Stability




Furlong, Courtney

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Master's Thesis


Human Development and Family Science

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This investigation utilized the Midlife in the United States Survey (N = 3,258) to assess the relations between experiences of sexual assault and sense of control, economic stability, and marital stability. For those who have experienced sexual assault, age of sexual assault and number of sexual assaults were considered as moderators. Approximately 10.3% of the sample reported a history of sexual assault. Two structural equation models were conducted and revealed that the relationships between experience(s) of sexual assault and sense of control and indicators of economic and marital stability were significant. Further results suggest that there are significant indirect links between the experience of revictimization of sexual assault and financial stability through sense of control. The findings have relevance to policy and will assist practitioners in employing prevention and intervention strategies to restore victims' internal loci of control and, in turn, produce more positive outcomes across a lifespan. Limitations and future research are discussed.