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The Transaction between Neural Systems and the Intensive Care Unit Environment: Development of Neuro-Interior Response Theory




Cooper, Sarah

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Consumer and Design Sciences


This study explores the transaction between neural response and ICU environments. The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between neural response and ICU design, how neural response affects patient healing in the ICU and how neural response and ICU design affect patient health. Transactional theory creates a theoretical grounding for neurological processes needed for the brain to interact with its environment. Neuroscience research will help to explain how patients respond to ICU design neurologically, allowing insight into how interior design affects patient psychological health short and long-term. The method uses content analysis to develop patterns of results throughout neuroscience and interior design research. Content analysis reveals the connection between neuroscience and neuroaesthetics, neuroscience and interior design, and neuroaesthetics and interior design. This study also uses Pandit’s (1996) theory building exercise to develop the neuro-interior response theory. The neuro-interior response theory establishes the connection between neural response and interior environments. Neuro-interior response theory recognizes that the brain reacts to different aesthetic environments and creates a response according to endless associations.