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The Status of Technology Integration in Music Classrooms and Implications for Technology Training: A Survey of K-12 Music Educators in Four Southeastern States




Holliman, Lynn

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Curriculum and Teaching


The purpose of this descriptive study was to investigate the status of technology integration in K-12 music classrooms after the onset of Covid-19 across four states in the southeast. Music teachers in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi completed an online survey concerning their technology use, comfort levels with technology, training since the onset of Covid-19, and barriers to technology integration. Results of studies conducted before the onset of Covid-19 concerning technology integration in music classrooms demonstrated a slow increase in technology use. However, more studies emerging concerning technology in education since the onset of Covid-19 reveal a need for further training of pre-service and in-service educators to integrate technology into their instruction successfully. The Technology Usage and Integration Survey developed for this study was sent to music educators in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi through the National Association of Music Education Research Assistance Program. In addition, emails sent to the leadership of the music educators associations for each state concerning further disseminating the survey to their membership resulted in 58 total participants. Results revealed an increase in the use of and comfort level with technology specific to distance learning such as recording equipment, video conferencing software, online platforms, interactive websites, and apps for tablet devices after the onset of Covid-19. Most training the respondents received was either from their school district or from independent research. The results have implications for the effectiveness of training for educators who need to become comfortable with using technology during their instruction and will contribute to the continued conversation about the importance of technology training for pre-service and in-service music educators.