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Critical Success Factors for E-commerce in Thailand: A Multiple Case Study Analysis




Laosethakul, Kittipong

Type of Degree



Business Administration


The purpose of this dissertation is to study the critical success factors for e-commerce in Thailand. The dissertation addressed four research questions: (1) Regardless of industry, what are the critical success factors relevant to all companies engaged in e-commerce in Thailand? (2) What are key requirements that all e-commerce companies must have in order to enter the industry? (3) What is the company’s e-commerce business model? (4) How is the company’s business performance? The investigation was conducted using case research study methodology. Nine e-commerce companies in Thailand were studied and analyzed. First, critical success factors for e-commerce in Thailand are identified and discussed. Second, key industry requirements for e-commerce in a particular industry are identified and discussed. Third, the best practice guideline addressing critical success factors and key industry requirement for e-commerce in a particular industry is developed. Finally, three main propositions from the study were developed. In addition, implications for practitioners and researchers are presented.