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Recommendations for Interaction Design in Spatial Computing from the Perspective of Future Technology




Zhang, Yunfan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


The design industry is experiencing tremendous changes along with the upcoming arrivals of frontier technologies. This thesis takes a forward-looking perspective and conducts extensive recommendations for interaction design in spatial computing. The recommendations aim to assist designers and developers in improving the user experience of products that involve spatial computing technology. It also explores the essentials of theories, principles, experiments, and industry practices in domains including interaction design, user interface design, user experience design, cognitive psychology, extended reality, and spatial computing. The influential knowledge of different domains divides the recommendations for interaction design into three aspects: visual representation, embodiment, and engagement. The body content will start with a conclusive thesis proposal as an instruction. Second, it will collect a comprehensive literature review. Third, based on the literature, this thesis will build a thorough analysis of a case product by utilizing heuristics evaluation. Fourth, it will refine the remarks from the case study to conduct more extensive recommendations step-by-step. Finally, this thesis will demonstrate some practical applications to explain and visualize the recommendations. The consistent goal throughout is achieving an exceptional user experience in the spatial computing environment.