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A Mixed Methodological Study of Text Annotation: Exploring Its Effects on Collegiate Student-Athletes’ Reading Comprehension




Hardin, Kimberly

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PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology

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Orientation study skills courses and collegiate developmental courses are the new trend for some universities, as more and more students are entering college underprepared. However, there is a gap in research relating specifically to the impact of study skills courses on student’s reading comprehension skills. Utilizing a mixed methodological design, this study examined the relationship between text annotation and its effects on collegiate student athletes’ reading comprehension skills. Controlling for background variables, findings reveal that text annotation promote increased student performance in the area of reading comprehension across academic content areas, increased students’ utilization of reading strategies, in addition to helping students develop a more positive attitude toward reading. Data analysis was executed utilizing analysis of variance-ANOVA (quantitative) and interviews (qualitative). This study found that the text annotation participants performed differently on reading comprehension measures, attitude survey, and frequency of reading strategy use survey than non-text annotation participants. Students who participated in the text annotation intervention had higher scores on reading performance measures than nonparticipants. Implications of this study provide insights for faculty, staff, administrators and study skills program directors to explore student course placement, student retention, and its study skills course curriculum and instructional practices.