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Perceptions of School Counselors and Administrators on the Role of School Counseling




Windham, Heather

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling


This quantitative survey study aimed to identify differences between the perception of the role of school counselors of both administrators and school counselors and if the demographic criteria of years of experience, years in education, enrollment size, and grade level impacted these perceptions. Currently employed school counselors and administrators in the state of Alabama who had at least one year of experience were recruited to participate in this study. The School Counseling Activity Rating Scale (SCARS) (Scarborough, 2005b) and SCARS Modified (Lane et al., 2020) instruments were utilized. Results were analyzed by comparing descriptive statistics and performing a factorial ANOVA and multiple regression. Results of the ANOVA suggest that discrepancies exist between how school counselors and administrators view the preferred role of the school counselor but were not statistically significant on how the groups perceive the actual role of the school counselor. The results of the multiple regression were inconclusive and suggest additional research. Implications for school counselors and administrators aim toward opportunities for professional development, training, and collaboration.