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Nonlinear Tracking of Natural Mechanical Systems for HWIL Simulation




Martin, Justin

Type of Degree



Aerospace Engineering


Auburn University has entered into collaboration with the US Department of Defense for academic study and development of hardware-in-the-loop simulation laboratory. One aspect of this collaboration has been research into new concepts for the control of flight motion tables, a critical component in HWIL simulations. Commonly used Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers can suffer limitations in applications with nonlinear and multi-input/multi-output systems. To overcome these limitations, a nonlinear dynamic-inversion controller was developed. Applying Lagrange’s equations to determine equations of motion, a Lyapunov function was used to develop a globally asymptotically stable controller. After comparing PID and dynamic-inversion controllers through multiple commanded motions and adjustments to gain, the dynamic-inversion was more stable and produces less error. Both controllers are capable of performing real-time applications.