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The Impact of Agriculture Education on Middle Grades Student’s Science Performance




Stephens, Trisha

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PhD Dissertation


Curriculum and Teaching

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This study aimed to describe the impact by measuring the students’ knowledge of course standards of agriculture education and science on middle school, grades 6-to-8 students’ performance in their academic science course. Throughout years of teacher preparation, future agriculture teachers enrolled in the agriculture education major are prepared to educate students in their classrooms about the need and impact of agriculture by using agriculture education to combat agriculture literacy. In addition, the education of students about where their food and fiber come from and the importance of the agriculture industry is a constant need. Quantitative data collection was collected using interval measurement scales. This study was conducted in middle schools where agriculture education is offered to students, and all students are required to be enrolled in a grade-level science academic course. The results of this quantitative study indicated that those who had been enrolled in an agriculture class throughout middle school scored higher on the standard-based survey.