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On Secure Media Streaming with Path Diversity in MANETs




Chen, Lei

Type of Degree



Computer Science and Software Engineering


To provide reliable and secure media streaming is quite challenging in the environment of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) in which wireless signals are exposed in air and the quality of media streaming is degraded by signal loss and interference. The mobility of wireless devices makes it even more difficult for such applications as wireless links are often broken when the devices move out of the communication range of their neighbors. In this research, we first study the work that has been done in the above issues, then we propose a serial of methods, techniques and mechanisms of stable multi-path routing, selective encryption and redundancy allocation, and data distribution in MANETs for media streaming. The proposed Multi-path Neighbor Stability Routing algorism finds more stable and long lasting paths than other routing algorithms in simulations. The selective encryption method that we proposed provides a set of four different balance points between the intensity of computation involved and the energy resource of mobile devices. We also proposed a smart data distribution method which takes the consideration of historical data distribution and maximally distributes data in a wide range so that malicious nodes could hardly collect adequate data to reconstruct the original media.