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An Experimental Study on Novel Wick Material for Use in Bent and Flattened Heat Pipes




Bartlett, Austin

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Master's Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

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Heat pipes are a novel and highly efficient device for removing heat from high-power electrical devices and have seen extensive use in high-performance computers, power generation, and aerospace applications. Heat pipes use a working fluid and internal wick structure to transfer heat via evaporation and condensation. Under ideal conditions, this process occurs in a straight pipe without any bends. However, under realistic conditions, heat pipes are subject to bending or flattening based on the routing required in the end product. This research aims to fully quantify the effects of bending and flattening heat pipes via a full factorial experiment design, covering such variables as heat-pipe diameter, wick material, and bend angle. Heat pipes were designed and manufactured in-house using an optimized manufacturing method. The performance of these heat pipes was then tested, and the results were compared and analyzed.