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Fat Bob




Dillman, Raymond

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This is a fiction writing thesis consisting of four short stories. Each short story was originally conceived of by the author during the graduate fiction writing classes taken at Auburn University during the spring and fall 2006 semesters. In each story, the central character is male, white, and American. The ages of these males range between the early twenties and late thirties and each character comes from what could be considered the American South. Each character struggles with issues of character and personal identity. The first story, “Fat Bob,” shows an intelligent, caring, successful, but obese man struggling to find love. “Closing the Door,” focuses on the relationship between father and daughter in the midst of a deteriorating marriage. “A Good Coach,” looks at how a girl’s high school basketball coach is coping with an eradicating personal life and alcoholism. Finally, “A Sniper’s Story” observes the protagonist’s ability to connect what he does with how he feels.