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Feasibility Studies on the Design and Usage of Steel Pile Piles for ALDOT Bridges




Sharma, Rosy

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Large diameter steel pipe piles provide an efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional reinforced concrete bridge piles (drilled shafts) and steel piles (HP-piles). The steel pipe columns offer increased strength and stiffness, enabling swift construction. Several US states have embraced the use of steel pipe piles in bridge structures, and Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is currently contemplating their utilization as replacements for regular drilled shafts and HP-piles. This study aims to compare steel pipe piles with existing pile types, with a particular focus on developing steel pipe pile-to-cap beam connections while incorporating best practices and addressing associated challenges. To accomplish this, a comprehensive literature review was conducted, specifically focusing on studies related to steel pipe piles and their connections with reinforced concrete bent caps. Additionally, a survey was administered to state departments of transportation to ascertain the current state of practice regarding the usage of steel pipe piles. The primary objective was to gain insights into the utilization and experiences with such piles, as well as to explore the design methodologies for connections. From both qualitative and quantitative perspectives, steel pipe piles demonstrate their suitability as replacements for traditional piles. Robust and reliable connections can be established between the piles and reinforced concrete bent caps using three distinct anchorages: i) non-contact lap splice with straight rebars, 900, and 1800 hooked rebars; ii) annular ring; and iii) shear studs. These connections are established to effectively withstand force and moment demands exerted on them from design loads while considering various failure limit states.