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Role of interpersonal interactions with co-workers and guests in the hospitality workplace: Employee performance and turnover intention as consequences




Guo, Yejia

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PhD Dissertation


Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management

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Hospitality jobs and careers are usually considered as less desired. This dissertation aimed to explore the positive side of hospitality careers and what attracts individuals to choose and stay in the hospitality industry. The key focus of this dissertation is the role of social interactions in the hospitality workplace as a value to hospitality workers, especially at frontline positions. It included 3 studies. The first study focused on the interaction between customers and employees, the second study was interested in the interactions between co-workers and the third study explored the positive side of hospitality jobs using an employee value proposition framework and from a big data perspective. The second study took a global view, considering national culture, and collected and analyzed data from both the U.S. and China. The first two studies applied survey research methods and structural equation modeling for analysis. The third study applied text analysis to explore the views of hospitality employees about their jobs, then used surveys to explore relationships. Overall, social interaction was found as an important aspect in a hospitality workplace and can be associated with job performance and reduced employee turnover intentions.