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Prediction of Creep and Shrinkage in the I-59/I-20 Segmental Bridge in Birmingham, Alabama




Beauchamp, Paul

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Civil and Environmental Engineering


The objective of this research is to accurately predict concrete creep and shrinkage in the I-59/I-20 segmental bridge in Birmingham, Alabama. Concrete samples were collected on four sampling dates throughout the bridge’s construction for creep and shrinkage testing. The concrete from each sampling date was loaded at four different ages for creep testing. The duration of testing was over five years, and the data were compared to predictions of eight common creep and shrinkage prediction models: AASHTO LRFD, ACI 209, B3, B4, CEB MC 1990, CEB MC 90-99, CEB MC 2010, and GL 2000. A statistical analysis was performed to compare each model to the measured data, and it was concluded that the CEB MC 90-99 model most accurately predicted creep and shrinkage. Calibration to improve prediction was performed on this model, as well as the CEB MC 1990 model because it is commonly used in bridge design software.