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Guidelines of Transferring Brutalist Architectural Styles from Mid-20th Century To Furniture Design




Zhu, Jinquan

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Industrial and Graphic Design


This thesis explores how to transfer mid-20th-century architectural styles into furniture design to create furniture that harmonizes with the architecture itself. This thesis discusses the concept of applying mid-20th-century architectural elements and principles to furniture design and proposes guidelines to assist designers in better integrating this architectural style into their furniture designs. Research findings demonstrate the feasibility of transferring mid-20th-century architectural styles into furniture design, resulting in furniture that complements that architectural style. Proposed guidelines include carefully selecting appropriate mid-20th century architectural styles, thoughtfully transforming this architectural style into furniture design, and seamlessly blending furniture with this architectural style. These guidelines aim to provide designers with the tools to successfully incorporate mid-20th century architectural styles into their furniture designs, resulting in furniture that harmonizes with the architecture.