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The Influence of Diet on Perceived Voice Fatigue in Professional Voice Users: A Survey




Fletcher, T. Laine

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Master's Thesis


Communication Disorders

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Auburn University Users

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Purpose: The purpose of this investigation was to understand the role that diet plays, particularly diets low in animal sources of creatine, in the perception of voice fatigue in vocal performers. Methods: Individuals who use their voice professionally as performers were recruited for a Qualtrics-based survey that collected demographic information, vocal performance metrics, as well as dietary details regarding the number of servings of animal protein per week. Participants were also asked to complete three standardized, validated vocal function perceptual scales. Demographic data were descriptively analyzed. Reported diet, hydration, and hours of performance per week were statistically correlated with vocal function perceptual scale scores. Results: Dietary intake of animal sourced creatine and water intake both had a weak, negative correlation with perceived voice fatigue. Reported hours of performance had a weak, positive correlation to perceived vocal function and fatigue in both the VHI and VFI-10, but a weak, negative correlation to scores on the EASE scale. Conclusions: Diet absent or low in creatine may not have a significant effect on the experience of vocal fatigue in vocal performers. Other behavioral factors, such as hydration and length of time performing impacted the performers who participated in this survey; however, not to the extent that was expected.