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Formation and Cleaning of Mineral Scale on Evaporative Cooling Pads Using a Farm Well-Water Source




Griggs, Kelly

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Master's Thesis


Biosystems Engineering

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Well water is used as a primary supply for the evaporative cooling system on many poultry farms. The water quality from wells varies widely. Many producers have issues with the water being over-saturated with minerals that contribute to the scaling of the paper evaporative pads. Study one quantified the rate of mineral scale formation on evaporative cooling pads using one farm well-water source as 168 g per 1000 L of water consumed. Study two quantified scale removal from paper evaporative cooling pads at two scale levels (minimal vs. heavily scaled) using two water sources (well water and municipal). A total of 687 g and 1020 g of mineral scale was removed from the minimally and heavily scaled pads, respectively.