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Keep Moving Forward and Strive for Excellence: A Sequential Mediation Model on Grit, Psychological Capital, Job Search Behaviors, and the Quality of Reemployment




Lee, Jeanna

Type of Degree

PhD Dissertation


Education Foundation, Leadership, and Technology


The primary purpose of the study is to develop and examine a theoretical framework encompassing grit, psychological capital, and job search behaviors to gain deeper insights into their impact on the quality of reemployment outcomes. The purpose is achieved by collecting data through an online survey targeting individuals currently employed who have experienced termination, layoff, furlough, or business loss across different regions and industries in the United States. Covariance-based structural equation modeling, implemented using SPSS 29 and SmartPLS 4, is utilized to examine the proposed relationships. The principles of conservation of resource theory and self-determination theory guide this investigation. It is discovered that grit demonstrates a notable positive effect on psychological capital. Moreover, grit positively influences the quality of reemployment outcomes, particularly when the relationship is mediated by psychological capital. Furthermore, the level of individuals’ psychological capital significantly influences their job search behaviors and the quality of reemployment. In addition, the present investigation unveils a sequential mediating effect, elucidating the importance of newly developed psychological capital and job search behaviors. These elements intricately connect the concept of determination with the quality of relationships formed during reemployment, thus adding to a thorough comprehension of the underlying dynamics. This research contributes to the existing literature by introducing a novel theoretical framework explaining how job seekers’ perceptions influence the quality of their post-hire employment within organizations. This comprehensive approach aims to provide a deeper understanding of the reemployment process, shedding light on the role of personal traits, psychological resources, and proactive behaviors in facilitating successful transitions back into the workforce amidst challenging circumstances. The study also examines the significance of establishing and maintaining an optimal work environment that accommodates the diverse needs of employees, bridging theoretical insights with practical implications for organizational management.