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Knowledge, Perception, and Practice of TIC by Pediatric SLPs Employed in Medical Settings




Monk, Brianna

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Master's Thesis


Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the knowledge and practice of trauma informed care (TIC) within a sample population of SLPs who work in medical settings with pediatric patients. This survey also evaluated the self-perception of the participant’s competency and comfort when implementing TIC practices and values, as well as perceived barriers to implementation. Method: Data was collected through an anonymous 73-item, web-based survey. Eighty-five participants initiated the survey, and 50 participants met inclusion criteria and completed the survey. Survey questions addressed: (a) Background/demographic information (b) Graduate or professional training in TIC, and (c) Knowledge, opinions, and practice of TIC. Knowledge and Practice of TIC was queried using the Trauma Informed Care Providers Survey (Kassam-Adams et al., 2015). Results: The findings underscore knowledge of some areas of TIC and gaps in others, moderate perceived competency, and implementation of TIC. Lack of training was noted as a significant barrier. SLPs who received continuing education (CE) on TIC, reported significantly higher perceived competency. No significant group differences were found between those who attended CE opportunities and knowledge of TIC. Conclusions: This study reveals the need for increased training and awareness about TIC within the SLP profession. Training and implementation of TIC principles may improve provider-patient relationships, decrease burnout, minimize potential harm, and raise the standard of care for SLPs in the medical setting. Training should specifically address signs of a traumatic stress response and the role of resilience.