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The Actor with No Name: A Star Study of Clint Eastwood




Petersen, Roderick III

Type of Degree

Master's Thesis


Communication and Journalism


This thesis explores Clint Eastwood’s star text, analyzing Clint Eastwood’s acting career, lawsuits, promotions, and election as mayor of Carmel, California. This thesis argues that The Man with No Name was a foundational part of creating and defining Clint Eastwood’s celebrity status, as well as acting as a building block for his career. The Man with No Name was the first major role Clint Eastwood portrayed in his career. Consequently, it functioned as a reference point for the public and the industry throughout his career. The importance of his time as The Man with No Name is worth studying as it was a crucial part in establishing Clint Eastwood’s value as an actor, director and politician.