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Understanding the Effect of Proactive Personality on Job Related Outcomes in an Organizational Change Setting




Prabhu, Veena

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Individuals vary in their tendency to take action to control their environment. Proactive individuals actively create environmental change, while less proactive people take a more reactive approach toward their jobs. In today’s world where only change seems to be constant, the importance of proactive personality can hardly be overemphasized. Hence in the present study we empirically tested the effect of proactive personality (PAP) on job-related outcomes in a change setting. The purpose of the present study was two-fold. First, a conceptual model was empirically tested which included not only direct effects of PAP on job-related outcomes—job performance, job satisfaction and intent to remain with the organization, but also mediating effects. Second, four potential moderators were also tested. The results showed that PAP was positively and significantly related to job performance and job satisfaction. Affective commitment to change completely mediated the relationship between PAP and intent to remain with the organization. Job satisfaction completely mediated the relationship between PAP/affective commitment to change and PAP/intent to remain with the organization. Career future completely moderated the relationship between PAP/intent to remain with the organization while job satisfaction partially moderated the relationship between PAP/job performance. Implications for organizations and future research are discussed.