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The Effect of Between Group Dependence on Measurement Equivalence/Invariance Tests 

Perdomo, Brian (2011-11-21)
When using structural equation modeling methods, researchers should test for the presence of measurement equivalence/invariance (ME/I) before investigating substantive hypotheses (Bollen, 1989, p. 355). This study evaluated ...

An Examination of Factors Hypothesized to Moderate Stereotype Threat Effects on the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices 

Johnson, Jimmy (2010-04-09)
The present study examined the moderating effects of racial identity centrality and performance goal orientation on the relationship between stereotype threat and test performance. I also assessed the extent to which ...

Individual Differences in Stable Motivational Qualities and Skill Acquisition: Dispositional Goal Orientation and Self-Efficacy 

Cullen, Kristin (2007-08-15)
The current study extends previous research on skill acquisition to develop a more complete picture of the motivational variables that influence task performance. Participants completed measures of cognitive ability, global ...

Investigation of Trauma Type Differences Using the Personality Assessment Inventory 

Ingram, Lindsay (2008-05-15)
PTSD has been classified as an umbrella disorder, with the resulting syndrome appearing similar in individuals with varied trauma exposure. This concept has been examined from the beginning, with the breadth of events ...