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Dead Reckoning in a Desktop Virtual Environment 

Bodily, Kent (2008-05-15)
Dead reckoning, knowing where one is in relation to a particular location without reference to external landmarks, is a widely cited phenomenon that has been observed in a wide variety of animals. A common test for dead ...

Differential Effects of Challenge and Hindrance Stressors on Decision Making Performance 

Walsh, Julia S. (2010-01-08)
The current study proposed differential relationships of challenge and hindrance stressors on decision-making performance based on the 2-dimensional model of stressors, which was expected to be mediated by perceived control, ...

Individual Differences as Predictors of Leader Emergence 

Bruce, Leonardis (2011-08-09)
Virtual teams are fast becoming a normal part of organizational operations. In an effort to obtain a clearer understanding of how virtual teams differ from traditional face-to-face teams, researchers have begun to examine ...