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Close, Closer, and Even Closer: Introduction of the Digital Microscope into Elementary (K5) Enrichment and Art Classrooms 

Beardsley, Lucille W. (2008-12-15)
This study examines the effect of introducing digital microscopy into two elementary classrooms: Teacher E’s enrichment classes and Teacher A’s art classes. Data were obtained during 2004 by conducting preliminary interviews, ...

The Effect of a State Department of Education Teacher Mentor Initiative on Science Achievement 

Pruitt, Stephen (2010-08-04)
This study analyzed a state department of education’s ability to have actual influence over the improvement of science achievement and proficiency by having direct relationships with science teachers in Georgia’s lowest ...

Elementary Preservice Teachers' Conceptions of Common Approaches to Teaching Science and Mathematics 

Nunes-Bufford, Kimberly (2011-11-22)
This study investigated preservice teachers’ thinking about common approaches to math and science education for elementary children in grades K-6. Specifically, this study focused on preservice teachers' thinking on the ...

An Ethnographic Inquiry Connecting Home to School for Literacy and Mathematics Learning of Hispanic Families 

Duenas, Gilbert (2011-12-13)
There is limited research on bilingual classroom teachers who conduct household visits of non-English speaking Hispanic families. The author and teacher explored (a) ways that three migrant, Hispanic families were involved ...

The Relationship of Parental Influence on Student Career Choice of Biology and Non-Biology Majors Enrolled in a Freshman Biology Course 

Sowell, Mitzie (2006-12-15)
Recent declines in science literacy and inadequate numbers of individuals entering science careers has heightened the importance of determining why students major in science or do not major in science and then choose a ...

Rich Instruction of Mathematical Academic Vocabulary to Enhance Mathematics Achievement of Elementary School Students 

Tarpley, Carol (2015-05-07)
Mathematics scores on national and international tests for students in the United States have indicated that students in the United States have procedural understanding of mathematics but lack conceptual understanding ...

Technical and Educational Aspects of Stream Biomonitoring Protocols for Teachers and Citizen Monitors in Alabama 

Fuller, Jennifer (2007-12-15)
Accuracy of the Alabama Water Watch (AWW) Stream Biomonitoring Protocol for citizen monitors was assessed through a desktop study comparing simulated AWW stream quality assessments to known professional bioassessments. ...

University and Elementary School Perspectives of Ideal Elementary Science Teacher Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions 

Stewart, Bethany (2010-08-03)
Teacher education knowledge, skills, and dispositions have recently become a well-discussed topic among education scholars around the nation, mainly due to its attention by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher ...

Using Creative Dramatics to Foster Conceptual Learning in a Science Enrichment Program 

Hendrix, Rebecca (2011-12-05)
This study made analysis of how the integration of creative drama into a science enrichment program enhanced the learning of elementary school students’ understanding of sound physics and solar energy. The study also sought ...