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A Comparison of Learning Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Taught in Three Dissimilar Classroom Settings: Support Services, Team/Collaborative, and Departmental/Pullout 

Powell, Jackie (2007-05-15)
Learning outcomes for students with mild learning and behavioral disabilities (SWD) are receiving national attention as a result of educational reform focusing on student achievement. This educational reform is the No ...

Head Start Teacher Training: Impact on Inclusive Practices and Attitudes 

Williamson, Catherliene (2007-05-15)
The purpose of this study was to identify the relationship of the three education levels in early childhood or related fields on Head Start teacher’s attitudes about inclusion and inclusive practices. Ninety-one Head Start ...

Identification and Validation of Competencies Needed by Practitioners Working in the Field of Rehabilitation Employment Services 

Tew-Washburn, Suzanne (2006-05-15)
The purpose of this research was to identify and validate the competencies needed by individuals working in the field of rehabilitation employment services to perform their jobs effectively. Through an on-line survey, ...

A Preliminary Study of Faculty and Graduates Perceptions of Vocational Evaluation Competencies in the Educational Curriculum 

McAlister, Melanie (2006-05-15)
This study investigated faculty and graduates' perceptions of vocational evaluation competencies in the curriculum. The study surveyed 55 faculty and practitioners in regards to 51 competencies found credible by the Newman ...

A Statewide Survey of Public Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors' Perceptions of Consumers With Autism 

Cannon, Margie (2006-05-15)
Autism is a lifelong neurological developmental disability that results (to varying degrees) in social, communication, and behavior impairments. Autism is primarily diagnosed in childhood, therefore, a preponderance of ...

Transition Outcomes of Students with High Incidence Disabilities in Alabama 

Griffin, Dashonera (2007-05-15)
This study examined factors associated with the engagement of former students with high incidence disabilities in Alabama from rural and nonrural school systems. The investigation was conducted using 119 students with ...