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Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for Sweet Grown Alabama Sweet Potatoes 

Holley, Julia (2023-07-28)
In this study, we capture consumer willingness to pay for differently labeled and sourced sweet potatoes at Alabama farmers markets using an incentive-based experiment. Data were collected at farmers markets in four ...

An economic analysis of cull cow price trends in Alabama 

Richburg, George Jr (2023-04-27)
The objective of this study is to analyze the slaughter cow prices in Alabama from 2004 through 2018 to help cow-calf producers capture the most value for their cull cows based on historical price trends. A producer ...

An Economic Evaluation of Variable Rate Irrigation for Alabama Corn and Soybean Production 

Whatley, Hunter (2022-11-29)
The variable rate application of production inputs is a method used by row crop producers to save money and resources. However, this technology comes at a substantial investment cost. This includes the capital investment ...

The Effects of Electricity Billing Structures and Electricity Rates on the Profitability of Solar Photovoltaic Projects: Evidence from Poultry Farms 

Garcia Gamez, Jose (2022-07-26)
Increasing prices for fossil fuels contribute to rising electricity prices. This coupled with the drop in the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels has led to a rapid growth in PV adoption. Commercial poultry is a growing ...

Essays in Agricultural and Food Policy: Impact of Crop Insurance on Fertilizer Use, Willingness to Pay a Premium on Beef, and Estimating the Demand for Carbonated Sweetened Beverage 

Aguegboh, Ekene (2023-12-04)  ETD File Embargoed
In recent years, empirical economic research has witnessed significant advancements. Simple linear regressions have evolved into different applied econometrics toolkits, which cover methods such as difference-in-difference ...

Examining the Role of U.S. Agricultural Policy on Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Filings and Active Cases 

Turrisi, Adrian (2022-05-01)
Farm bankruptcy enables eligible farmers the opportunity to reorganize debts while remaining operational. Providing safety nets for farmers is a long-standing U.S. agricultural policy that has recently reached historic ...

Farmer Mental Health and Rural Stressors 

Hudon, Caroline (2022-07-18)
Agriculture has recently suffered from low commodity prices, natural disasters (e.g. droughts and hurricanes), and supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19. These factors influence the physical and mental health of farmers ...

HEARING Safety Across Agricultural Education: A Three-Study Evaluation of Student Perceptions and Understanding of HEARING Safety 

Hancock, Garrett (2024-04-24)
The behavior relating to safety practices seen in agriculture, especially involving hearing, highlights a critical concern when examined. This dissertation reviews three studies focusing on the attitudes, perceptions, and ...