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Employment Preparation for High School Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities 

Moon, Jennifer (2013-12-04)
Only eight percent of people with significant intellectual disabilities are employed, as compared to 81% of people without disabilities (Harris & Associates, 2000). A predictor of successful employment for students with ...

Promoting Self-Determination in People with Disabilities within Vocational Rehabilitation 

Turnbull-Humphries, Jane Wallis (2012-09-27)
A growing body of evidence suggests that the development of self-determination in persons with disabilities has a positive impact on adult outcomes such as employment. The primary mission of rehabilitation services is to ...

Rehabilitation Counselors’ Perceptions of Transition Programs, Services, and Practices for Youth with Disabilities 

Dotson, Courtney K. (2015-09-29)
Rehabilitation counselors are oftentimes the only link that students with disabilities, transitioning from school to their post-school desires, have to employment; therefore, rehabilitation counselors’ perceptions of ...

A Study of the Differences Between the Expressive Writing Approach and a Writer's Workshop Approach for Writing Instruction for Secondary School Students with Disabilities 

Conniff, Alexandra (2007-12-15)
A comprehensive review of research of instructional approaches investigated descriptive and intervention writing studies, both short-term and longitudinal, that has been conducted to examine the writing skills of students ...