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Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of the Impact with Solid and Flexible Surfaces 

Cermik, Ozdes (2017-04-21)
Impact plays an important role in many engineering applications, mechanical systems, and different areas such as robotics, machine design, etc. It is a complex phenomenon that occurs when two or more bodies collide. In the ...

Nonlinear Analysis of Horses Trotting with and without Sedation 

Cao, Jinghua (2015-12-10)
It is common to use sedatives in equine practice for surgical procedures, standing or recumbent, and for control of unruly patients. In recent years, there have been many investigations concerning the effect sedation might ...

Submerged Reverse Osmosis Desalination 

Ragan, Joseph (2014-08-01)
Over the past three decades, advances is reverse osmosis technology have led to dramatic increases in the number and capacities of reverse osmosis desalination plants. One key component in all efficient traditional reverse ...