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Development of Metal 3D-Printed Helium-Filled Soap Bubble Nozzles 

Swiney, Paul (2020-11-20)
Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a useful flow visualization technique to obtain instantaneous velocity measurements of a fluid. The use of traditional tracer particles for PIV measurements is limited to small field of ...

An Experimental Investigation into the Wildland Fire Burning Characteristics of Loblolly Pine Straw 

Stubbs, Daniel (2021-07-19)
Wildland fires present a threat to both the environment and to homes and businesses in the wildland urban interface. Understanding the behavior of wildland fires is crucial for developing informed risk management techniques, ...

An experimental investigation of crater formation physics during plume-surface interactions using non-intrusive measurement techniques 

Stubbs, Daniel (2024-07-17)  ETD File Embargoed
In this dissertation, a stereo-photogrammetry technique for obtaining non-intrusive, full-domain measurements of Plume-Surface Interaction (PSI) crater evolution was developed. Using this technique, crater formation was ...

Influence of pulsatility and inlet velocity profiles on tracheal airflow characteristics 

Tiwari, Bipin (2022-07-20)
Patient-specific simulation is a powerful and emerging tool for studying human airway physiological and pathological characteristics. Decision-based systems for clinicians based on the patient airflow characteristics play ...

Investigation and Mitigation of Vortex Induced Vibration Using a Cyber Physical System 

Nix, John Jr (2023-08-04)  ETD File Embargoed
The Cyber Physical Aeromechanic System (CPAS) is a test bed for fluid-structure interaction studies. The CPAS is a 2nd-order state space system and tests three dynamic systems: a pendulum, vortex-induced vibration (VIV) ...

Investigation of Aeroacoustic Effects of Trailing-Edge Modifications to Blades of a Coaxial Counter-rotating Rotor 

Munz, Karlyle (2020-11-17)
Noise generated by the rotor blades of modern UAVs pose significant limitations to the widespread adoption of UAVs in the future. To mitigate noise production, rotor blades with a serrated trailing-edge have been used to ...

A Numerical Analysis of Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Truck Platoon Aerodynamic Drag Reduction 

Siemon, Michael (2018-07-31)
The purpose of this study was to provide an analysis of the aerodynamic phenomena involved with the platooning of multiple truck-trailer configurations. With fuel usage being a large factor in high operational costs of ...

On the development of a Neural Radiance Field technique for tomographic reconstruction applied to flow diagnostics 

Kelly, Dustin (2024-04-25)
In this work, a novel neural implicit representation tomography algorithm based on Neural Radiance Fields is developed and demonstrated for 3D flow diagnostics. Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) originate from the computer ...

Study of aerodynamic interactions in counter-rotating coaxial rotors 

Silwal, Lokesh (2023-12-06)  ETD File Embargoed
Counter-rotating coaxial rotors (CCR) are ubiquitous in emerging next-generation configurations, demonstrating enhanced performance metrics such as increased forward-flight speed, flight range, and payload capabilities ...