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Discursive Challenges in Relational Maintenance: A Study of Talk in On-Again/Off-Again Relationships 

Long, Andrew (2011-07-25)
This study takes a qualitative approach to the study of on-again/off-again romantic relationships as it analyzes partners’ talking to each other about their relationship. It focuses on the discursive practices partners ...

Femininity and the Unnamed Women of the New Testament 

Aikens, Candace (2015-05-04)
Gender and sex are often considered to be synonymous, suggesting that males are designed to be biologically and psychologically a certain way while females are designed to be biologically and psychologically opposite and ...

Jim Thorpe, Indian or Athlete? Sport Performance and Mediated Accounts of Racial Identity. 

Hatcher, Elizabeth (2016-05-05)
This study allows us to understand how the media coverage of Native American athletes shapes and naturalizes racial stereotypes. Sport is a site where racial formations are constantly and publicly negotiated. Therefore, ...

The Portrayal of Public Relations Practitioners: A Content Analysis of Television and Film 

Everidge, Raven (2010-07-06)
This study was conducted using content analysis of four films and two television shows. It examined the portrayals of public relations practitioners of the above sample to look for positive or negative portrayals. It also ...

Relational Deception: 'Til Facebook Due Us Part 

McNelis, Melissa (2013-04-05)
The purpose of this study was to investigate romantic relational deception that occurs on Facebook based on participants’ gender, relationship status, and their amount of time spent on Facebook per week. Millennials as ...

Revoevolution in the Fascist Ideosis: The Comedy of Bill Hicks 

Davis, Andrew (2009-07-13)
Arising from the inconsistencies generated by serious discourse, comedy contains the potential to expose the dominant social logic that imbues cultural forms with meanings and values that perpetuate certain methods of ...

Time for a Response: Responsive Design, Accessibility, and University Websites 

Estes, Matthew (2016-05-19)
The purpose of this research is to investigate the connection between responsive web design, web accessibility, and university websites. The study examined 100 of the top university websites, based on U.S. News and World ...

Topics of New York Times Coverage of the 2004 and 2008 Presidential Campaigns 

Padgett, Jeremy (2009-12-15)
This study content analyzed topics of New York Times coverage of the 2004 and 2008 Democratic and Republican general presidential campaigns. The functional theory of political campaign discourse, modified to examine ...

"What's It Supposed to Be?" ... "Cooked." The Communication of Information-Seeking Tactics on Hell's Kitchen 

Harrison, Millie (2014-05-02)
Previous research has argued reality television provides life strategies for viewers and offers them ways to understand, navigate, and respond to certain situations and contexts within their own realities. Because reality ...