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Fractional Domination, Fractional Packings, and Fractional Isomorphisms of Graphs 

Rubalcaba, Robert (2005-05-15)
The fractional analogues of domination and packing in a graph form an interesting pair of dual linear programs, in that the feasible vectors for both LPs have interpretations as functions from the vertices of the graph to ...

On the Growth of Polynomials and Entire Functions of Exponential Type 

Harden, Lisa (2004-12-15)
Concerning the growth of a polynomial and its derivative, the following inequalities are well known as Bernstein Inequalities. max(|z|=R) |p(z)| <= max(|z|=1) |p(z)|R^n, for R >= 1, (1) max(|z|=1) |p0(z)| <= max(|z|=1) ...