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Design Guidelines for designing Ming Dynasty Style furniture suited for Modern life 

Li, Jing (2016-08-05)
Chinese traditional furniture has an extremely long history, which can be traced back to 5000 years ago. Because of development of the society, economy and the advanced technology, Ming dynasty furniture achieved greatness, ...

EnLIGHTening the landscape 

Boecking, Evan (2016-08-01)
The simple idea of nighttime design became a catalyst for what would be a year long investigation into how our perception, both spatially and experientially, is shaped by the effects and implementation of lighting. The ...

The Healing Garden: Studying Components of Healing Gardens and Expressing Them in Public Environments 

Mullins, Whitney (2017-05-05)
According to Robert Ulrich, as pointed out by Betsy Severtsen in her article about healing gardens, our world’s physical environment is being more widely accepted as a direct influence on a person’s overall health -- ...

Light and Shadow 

Hu, Yue (2017-05-15)
My project is about “ Light and Shadow”. If we can see this world, it is because of light, when we see the light, we also can see the shadow with it. Light and shadow let us perceive everything around us. Hundreds years ...


Zhang, Yuning (2017-05-15)
People are consumed with speed: work quickly, play quickly, love quickly. Something we do want to do quickly, but not everything. Apparently, many people are misleading by the pursuit of quality of life that they suffer ...

The Phenomenological Unveiling 

Dial, Alexandria (2017-05-05)
As humans, we often experience the world around us solely through our eyes, which has hindered us in designing. This is not to state that all human senses are not important, but rather to point out that our potential to ...

Revitalizing Pepperell Mill Town by recreating social values: Post-industrial landscape design approach 

Mortazavi, Saba (2017-05-15)
The main task of this project is to revitalize the Pepper Mill town by regenerating social values in the adjacent community. Due to former meaningful interconnections between the residents and the abundant post-industrial ...

A Subdivision Retrofit 

Garrett, Britton (2017-05-15)
Because of the development process and its lasting impacts on the soil, subdivision landscapes often times communicate a placeless homogeneity. This thesis examines how a lot within the subdivision of Lundy West may be ...

Temporal Awe: Designing for Succession and Emotion in Post-Industrial Landscapes 

Hansen, Alfred (2017-05-15)
This research-by-design thesis deals with the treatment of post-industrial sites in Landscape Architecture as spaces capable of bringing an emotional experience to visitors not typically seen within the urban fabric. As ...