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Developing a Magnetically Suspended Disc System for Industrial Applications, with Application on Ring Spinning 

Abuelenin, Sherif (2005-08-15)
A Magnetically suspended and lightweight disc (rotor) system is designed; the rotor can spin freely inside the stator. The stator is equipped with four magnetic actuators that always keep the rotor in its central position. ...

Manufacturing and Heat Transfer Analysis of Nano-Micro Fiber Composites 

Ascioglu, Birgul (2005-08-15)
Nano-micro composites are widely used in many areas, such as sensors, flame retardant materials, batteries, and filtration. In this work, thermal properties of the filler fiber composites are studied experimentally, ...

Polymeric Textile Stents: Prototyping and Modeling 

Irsale, Swagat (2005-08-15)
Although metal stents have been implanted for more than a decade, performance deficiencies still exist. The current study focuses on prototyping and modeling of braided structures to be used as stents, hence called ‘textile ...

Stress Mapping of Textile Composite Materials and Its Application in Interfacial Shear Behavior 

Shady, Ebraheem (2005-12-15)
Mapping of the stress distribution in composite materials, both at the fiber/matrix interface and at the composite constituents themselves, is important to understand the material mechanical response. Stress mapping can ...

A Study on the Adsorption Properties of Quaternized Cellulose 

Wang, Weijun (2005-12-15)
The aims of this investigation explore an efficient way to remove the anionic dye for textile wastewater, and characterize surface thermodynamics of quaternized cellulose fiber by inverse gas chromatography (IGC) using ...

Textile Prosthesis for Vascular Applications 

Irsale, Swagat (2004-05-15)
The goal of this study was to develop a whole new class of implantable endoluminal prosthesis for biomedical applications based on advanced textile technology. The most likely initial application is in the field of arterial ...