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Defining Dissociation Based on the Factor Structures of Three Instruments




Dillon, Jacqueline

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Dissociation is a poorly defined construct in the literature. The 1st goal of this research was to better define and understand the concept of dissociation through factor analytic study of 3 common measures of dissociation, the DES-II, the DIS-Q, and the QED. The literature concerning the factor analysis of these 3 measures of dissociation is inconsistent. 395 participants were administered a packet of questionnaires including the 3 measures of dissociation, a demographics questionnaire, and 2 measures for validity purposes. Results from the factor analyses revealed a 5 factor structure for the DES-II, a v 6 factor structure for the QED, and an insufficient factor structure for the DIS-Q. A 2nd goal was to develop a model of dissociation based on a higher order confirmatory factor analysis of the DES-II and QED factors. The higher order CFA between the DES and QED resulted in a model that was a poor fit. Implications are discussed.