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Investigation of the Effects of Office Referrals and Absentees on the Grade Point Average of Career Technical Students




Griffin, Brindlea

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Educational Foundations
Leadership and Technology


The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between a career technical student's number office referrals and number of absences effect on their overall grade point average and career technical grade point average. Investigating such relationships yields information that would be beneficial to career technical educators in providing tomorrow's workforce. By fostering and understanding these possible relationships between factors influencing students work performance, provides insight to educators and business and industry on tomorrow's worker. The overall outcome of tomorrow's workforce comes from today's career technical student. The overall performance of each student carries over to the work ethic of our country. The overall grade point average does not always reflect a skilled worker's ability. Career technical students are hands-on learners, therefore better scores in these courses is better job placement. Increased projects that incorporate core courses will better develop the overall knowledge of a career technical student in English, Math and Career Technical courses. This does not mean that a student cannot learn the material. It is their interest that results in lower achievement. No significant effects were found between gender, grade point average or demographic variables. Students with higher grade point averages had a higher employability rate.