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A Study of Vehicle Properties That Influence Rollover and Their Effect on Electronic Stability Controllers




Lambert, Kenneth

Type of Degree



Mechanical Engineering


In this thesis, the vehicle properties that most influence rollover are investigated, and methods to improve stability are examined. Every year, vehicle rollover is the cause of thousands of fatalities on US highways. Electronic Stability Controllers (ESC) have been proven to reduce the incidence of rollover; however, improvement is still possible and necessary. With the development of a detailed vehicle model that includes roll and individual wheel dynamics, research has been done to investigate the properties that most affect rollover. Using these key vehicle properties, equations are developed to estimate the maximum lateral acceleration and velocity allowed before rollover. With a good knowledge of the stability limits, ESC systems are developed in simulation, and testing is done to investigate how these controllers can be optimized to greater ensure stability during evasive maneuvers. Results prove that stability can be improved and that rollover can be averted with correct execution of ESC limits and outputs.