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Yaw-Roll Coupled Oscillations of a Slender Delta Wing




Worley, John

Type of Degree



Aerospace Engineering


The delta wing has been a highly studied aerial planform, from counter rotating vortices to a rolling `wing rock' motion. The research done at Auburn University is an extension of those studies. This research studies not only the inherent roll motion of the delta wing but also the yaw motion that is coupled with that rolling motion. Using a specially designed model, a wind tunnel, and a dynamic vortex laboratory, the aerodynamics of a slender delta wing could be analyzed. The delta wing's motion could be tracked using an accelerometer and optical encoder and the shedding vortices could be seen through various ow visualization techniques. The time histories and time averaged angle sweep data were also collected using a force and moment balance. This model also allowed for the ability to study one type of motion at a time, which allowed for comparison with previous purely rolling studies. Below are the results of both the roll and yaw motion on the slender delta wing as well as the coupled effect of the two.