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Cognitive Processing Themes for Smoking among Lesbians




Aholt, Erin

Type of Degree



Counseling Psychology
School Psychology
Counselor Education


This study explored perceptions of motivation for smoking among lesbians. A convenience sample of 20 participants completed an online survey with 18 open-ended, reflection questions about their perceptions of the relationships between smoking and psychosocial and situational influences, outcome expectancies, coping strategies, and self-efficacy. Content analysis was used to examine the qualitative data. Results suggested that participants did not perceive a connection between being a lesbian and smoking. Participants minimized the existence of benefits to smoking other than physical sensations and relief of negative affect. The majority of participants reported desire to quit smoking but had limited self-efficacy about their related abilities. Participants described frequent use of cognitive, distraction techniques to cope with cigarette cravings. The results of this study provide a theoretical framework to guide future studies.