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Implications and Perceptions of Students and Teachers Participating in Two Ninth Grade Success Academies During the Year of Implementation




McDaniel, Rachel

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Educational Foundations

Leadership and Technology


This study is a comparative case study of two Ninth Grade Success Academies at two school sites in south Alabama. Ninth Grade Success Academies use school within a school modelthat isolates freshman from upperclassmen while teaching them skills for academic and social success (Kerr, 2000).This research examined teachers' and students' perceptions about the involvement in these acdemies at both high schools in an effort to determine strengths and weaknesses of the academies during the first year of implementation as perceived by participants. Data were collected during the first year of the implementation of academies at two comparative high schools.Data collection included focus group interviews with students and with teachers (2005-2006) school year. Transcripts and interviews were transcribed and analyzed using qualitative software and through constant comparative method.