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The Research and Design of Spinal Orthosis to Create a Back Brace for Post Operative Patients




Hicks, Michael

Type of Degree



Industrial Design


There are 11,000 new injuries that affect the back each year. The injuries sustained are often serious and require surgical treatment. The treatment, along with the rehabilitation process, can often be physically and psychologically painful. Patients must often wear back braces which can cause a patient’s life to become very uncomfortable, making everyday tasks difficult. While medical devices have the responsibility to correct injury, they also have the responsibility of keeping the patient’s lifestyle in mind. The purpose of this thesis is to create a back brace for post operative patients and to focus on issues of patient compliance. The patient’s discomfort is not just an annoyance, but it is a factor that can effect if the device is used properly. Then the issue becomes a problem for the patient and the physician. If the device is not worn properly, the patient will not fully recover. This study focuses on post surgical spinal injuries. This study includes input from physicians and research that pinpoints the areas where improvements needed to be made to improve the design of this type of orthopedic device. The result of this research is a design that improves the overall construction of this type of orthopedic device and makes the life of a recovering patient physically and mentally easier.