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Evaluating Consumer Satisfaction with the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Service Provision at the Anniston Army Depot




Hunter, Meghan

Type of Degree



Nutrition and Food Science


This research reports on efforts to gain a better understanding of service quality, satisfaction and how these link to future behavioral intentions. Against this background, the overriding goal of the study is to develop and operationalize a measure of consumer satisfaction with Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) service provision at the Anniston Army Depot as well as identify those elements of real importance to personnel when it comes to defining the service quality construct on the Depot. Furthermore, this study attempts to test the validity and reliability of the Importance- Performance Analysis technique as a service quality evaluation technique at the Depot and other military institutions where quality of service is deemed as an essential operational objective. In an attempt to achieve this underlying objective, a number of research hypotheses were developed and will be presented for analytical testing. The theoretical backing for these hypotheses will be presented as well as the statistical evidence that will show support of or reject each. The results reveal the core service quality dimensions of importance to Depot personnel in their assessment of Depot MWR services, as well as actual performance data related to these dimensions. A framework is presented by which the Directorate of Community and Family Activities can identify areas of customer service which warrant further investment and those where they may be currently over-delivering. Additionally, the information should prove useful in helping the Directorate of Community and Family Activity with their quality improvement efforts.