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The Impact of Preschool Quality on Peer Relationships at First Grade with Teacher-Child Relationships as a Mediator




DeMaioribus, Maria

Type of Degree



Human Development and Family Studies


Previous research has documented associations between preschool quality and children’s peer relationships as well as the effect of teacher-child relationship quality on peer relationships. Multiple regression models were fit to determine the effects that three domains of preschool quality - structural, process and physical - had on two domains of peer relationships - peer acceptance and friendship quality. Additionally, teacher-child relationship quality was examined as a possible mediator of this association. Finally, interaction terms were created to determine the moderating effect of child gender and teacher-child relationship quality on these associations. Group size, caregiver years of experience, and physical quality had significant effects on peer acceptance, and years of experience was mediated by teacher-child relationship quality. There were no associations between preschool quality and friendship quality. Importantly, teacher-child relationship quality significantly predicted peer acceptance but not friendship quality. Finally, neither teacher-child relationship quality nor child gender were significant moderators of these associations.