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Statistical Model Development for Estimating Bicycle Rack Usage at Auburn University




Wilson, Christopher

Type of Degree



Civil Engineering


The objective of this research was to develop and evaluate statistical models to estimate bicycle rack usage for a university campus environment. An analysis was conducted on bicycle rack usage data, collected in 2008, on the Auburn University campus to develop statistical models to estimate demand at residence halls and academic buildings. Bicycle rack demand for residence halls and academic buildings is a function of number of beds and square footage, and gross square footage, classroom square footage and enrollment, respectively. For this research, spatial locations of all bicycle racks on campus and overall rack usage were collected. The statistical models were used to estimate bicycle rack usage demand, and these results were validated against data collected in 2010. The recommended model for residence halls was the variable ‘number of beds’ model. The two models recommended for academic buildings were the ‘classroom square footage’ and ‘enrollment’ and ‘enrollment’ models.