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Application of Mobility Models to Collaborative Search and Rescue Robotics




Bano, Nida

Type of Degree



Electrical Engineering


This thesis addresses the challenges of using small, low-cost robotic nodes with limited processing capabilities in collaborative search and rescue. Mobility models tailored specifically to the mobility patterns of such nodes are developed and tested. Mobility models have traditionally been used to represent movement patterns in Ad-hoc network devices like cell phones, laptops, etc. The study of these models provides invaluable information on network performance and traffic analysis. As more and more applications of robotics employ the use of wireless protocols, there is a need for mobility models better suited to the use of communicating mobile robotic nodes. This thesis gives an overview of traditional models and proposes new models befitting the mobility pattern of a number of robotic nodes collaborating with each other to perform search and rescue. It is shown that slight variation in the conventional models can lead to the development of realistic movement patterns by incorporating obstacles and communication between the nodes.