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Examining Trainee Treatment Session Fidelity: Impact on the Implementation of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)




Travis, Jamie

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Research supports the impact of empirically-based treatments (EBTs), such as Parent-child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), on producing positive treatment outcomes for clients. However, achieving outcomes in community settings that are similar to those found in research settings can be challenging and little research has been conducted on how to best train community providers to implement PCIT with fidelity. This study assessed trainee implementation fidelity to the PCIT protocol in community settings. Session fidelity was reviewed for trainees using pre-established session integrity checklists and post-hoc video review of key sessions. A total of 71 sessions from 21 trainees across 6 community mental health settings were reviewed. Analyses revealed that the average fidelity percentage across all six session was 87.2%, indicating that the trainees maintained strong overall session fidelity although fidelity percentages varied by session. Results also show that the average fidelity score for Teach sessions was statistically higher than the average score for Coach sessions and that there was not a significant difference between trainees’ performance on CDI and PDI sessions. Implications of these findings, limitations, and future directions for PCIT workshops and consultation are discussed.