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A Case Study in Applying Agile Software Engineering Practices to Systems Engineering




Kennedy, Matthew

Type of Degree



Computer Science


With the fast-paced nature of technology, the need to rapidly field systems has never been more important. Success does not just depend on well-defined requirements but also on the ability to respond to change during and after deployment. The inability to rapidly respond to change may cause the system to become obsolete before initial fielding. Creating a structure where processes allow for changes to occur during system development requires a restructuring of system development values and practices at all levels. This paper addresses the progress toward agility and defines the agile values and practices being used by agile organizations in both the Business and Software Aspects. It provides an Agile System Engineering Framework and guiding Practices to increase agility in the system engineering process. A case study was conducted using the described Agile Systems Engineering Framework and Practices and found that incorporation of the Framework and Practices in the Systems Aspect improved cost, schedule and functionality estimates.